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"A couple health plans have contracted with healthAlign to essentially find all of the different home care providers and aggregate them in one platform to play the go-between role in terms of contracting and things like that. That's my favorite kind of model."  Anne Tumlinson, CEO of ATI Advisory

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Smarter fulfillment across the last mile of care

healthAlign is a leading platform connecting health plan members to the full spectrum of in-home service providers. We offer a single path for all credentialling, referrals, and claims with data collection and analytics across every member touchpoint.


Despite the value of keeping patients in the home, we believe health plans face three challenges in managing services out in the community

Administrative burdens

Fulfillment gaps

Poor visibility into needs

healthAlign helps you focus on what matters most

the best care at a lower cost

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Reduce the

administrative burden.

A single point of accountability for coordinating services across millions of members and thousands of agencies.

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Drive towards

improved fulfillment.

Enhanced geographic reach and fulfillment redundancy through the power of healthAlign's nationwide platform of providers.

Enhanced visibility.

Actionable insights.

Creating a window into the home environment that can target social barriers, improve coordination, and reduce waste.


Reduce readmissions

and improve care

See how healthAlign decreased readmissions by 65% over a two-year period

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Every interaction.

One platform.

Our homeAlign™ technology automates business processes associated with community-based care, such as network development and adequacy, referral management, service documentation, claims management, and reporting. 

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Beyond traditional

care providers.

homeAlign™ integrates non-traditional care into an intelligent marketplace, promoting adherence and independence at home. 


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aligning care around the home

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