Our story

Created inside one of the nation's largest home healthcare companies, healthAlign is solving some of the biggest challenges in community-based care

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healthAlign was created inside one of the nation’s largest home healthcare companies to help payers scale nationwide and market-specific community-based care solutions targeting gaps in care and avoidable healthcare utilization. Our business model is designed to offer payers a single point of accountability to drive consistent quality, value, and performance at the local level. This enables payers to spend more time focusing on population-based program outcomes and less energy on chasing fulfillment across a patchwork of agencies on a referral-by-referral basis.

Today, healthAlign is focused on building a marketplace to help payers manage a diverse range of community-based services and supports.


  • healthAlign team began launching community-based care pilots in multiple markets nationally


  • Helped bring down hospital re admissions by 65%

  • Learned that avoidable utilization is not always the problem, but rather a symptom of other barriers to adherence


  • Recognizing  health plans wrestle with administrative burdens, fulfillment gaps and low visibility when managing community based programs  —  and that no one provider can help the plan solve these problems  —  we began framing up solutions by pulling together the power a diverse platform of provider partners.  This is the path to enable better, smarter fulfillment of these services.


  • healthAlign is created as a separate entity to manage these services


  • healthAlign built out broad experience helping several health plans across the country coordinate services and close gaps in home care


  • healthAlign spun out from its parent and stood up as an independent, standalone entity.

  • Our team was recognized by Long Term care expert Anne Tumlinson as a favored approach that plans are using to help better manage care into the home. 


  • Announced is acquired by The Helper Bees, the long-term care insurance leader in providing non-medical care in the home.  This combination offers payers a more complete solution that includes personality-based caregiver matching, nurse assessments, care management services, and advanced data analytics across all member touchpoints in the home. 

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