One platform for all community-care needs

Launched in January 2020, the homeAlign platform ensures consistent service delivery for our customers. It automates the business processes associated with community-based care, such as network development and adequacy, referral management, service documentation, claims management, and reporting

homeAlign helps you meet member needs

A single point of accountability to drive consistent quality, value and performance at the local level, enabling plans to spend more time focused on population-based outcomes and less energy on chasing fulfillment on a referral-by-referral basis.

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aligning care around the home

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Reduce readmissions

and improve care

Minimize the administrative burden

  • We handle credentialing, documentation, network adequacy, and reporting

  • All reporting and claims in a single system

Improve care by closing fulfillment gaps

  • Referrals are managed within our nationwide network of providers

  • Smarter fulfillment through broad geographic reach and redundancy

Gain actionable insights into patient needs

  • Leveraging tele-health, in-home monitoring, and visit verification to establish a window into the home environment

  • Connecting payment models to performance and quality