Response to COVID-19

healthAlign is currently continuing to organize home and community-based services for members during this unprecedented time. We are working with our provider partners to ensure appropriate coverage and services. Please reach out to our team if your members have additional in-home needs.

healthAlign is committed to helping payers drive better, smarter fulfillment across community-based care

We understand the challenges of community-based care. healthAlign takes the hassle out of documentation and other cumbersome administrative needs, while improving gaps in fulfillment and providing visibility into individual patient needs. 

Transitional care

Additional support helping a member transition back home after an acute event or hospitalization

Respite care

Providing much-needed assistance to caregivers

Homemaker support

Housecleaning, laundry & linens, maintaining the kitchen, meal preparation, and social support

Specialty care

Specially-trained caregivers who work to mitigate social and behavioral risks

Personal care

Supporting members who need assistance with ADL/IADL limitations

Errands support

Grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, and other errands conducted by certified caregivers

Automating administrative workflows

homeAlign™ automates the credentialing, referral, service documentation and claims management processes of community-based programing across a diverse platform of providers.

Nationwide platform

45 states plus DC; several hundred branch locations nationwide. Cloud-based homeAlign™ system enables automated and centrally managed framework for directing and re-directing referral flow to agencies  -- ensuring coverage even in crisis conditions. Analytic-enabled algorithms allow for smarter referral management and service fulfillment.

Shift from time to value

c rewards agencies based on their performance. Also expands the deliverable from time to a combination of time and information gather from the home environment.

Marketplace for fulfillment

healthAlign is solving the fulfillment problem through a marketplace aggregation of the existing agency framework. Our homeAlign™ platform scores and rewards providers based on past performance.  

Traditional and non-traditional providers

homeAlign™ integrates non-traditional care into an intelligence marketplace, promoting adherence and independence at home

Provider oversight

healthAlign handles the administrative burden of credentialing providers, as well as ensuring the quality, compliance, efficiency and fulfillment of services in the home.  This enables the plan to spend more time focused on population-based outcomes and less energy chasing fulfillment and provider oversight on a referral by referral basis.


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